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About Community Service Help

Our mission is to provide alternative means for criminal offenders to complete Austin Community Service. Our program is entirely comprised of educational courses focused on rehabilitating at-risk individuals.

It is common knowledge that rehabilitation and care will always be more impactful then negative reinforcement or punishment. By providing people with a means of rehabilitating and still fulfilling our charity partner's mission of bettering our world we have found an alternative way for people to complete Austin Community Service.

The higher the education of an individual the less likely they are to commit a crime or end up back into the system. By educating criminals Austin Community Service aims to lower the chance they end up back in the system and to provide them will skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Our program will help people gain the knowledge they need to improve their lives and hopefully pass on that good will to those around them. Improving the education level of at-risk individuals makes the community they live in a better place doing more service to the community then any other option.

While there will always be a place for traditional Austin community service, our program is a true long term solution to a problem that is currently only fixed with a short term band-aid.

We Will Save You Money

Traditionally you would go to a charity and volunteer for them during business hours. This can be a huge financial burden on your family and take you away from your job and your loved ones. While traditional Austin Community Service doesn't cost anything up front, you will have huge costs from missed work, babysitters, expensive gas prices, public transportation costs, and wear and tear on your car. By using our program, Austin Community Service can save you boatloads of cash and not put anymore stress on your already hectic schedule!

As you can see below, Ryan had to do 90 hours of community service and it would have cost him almost $1700 to do it the traditional way. Thankfully for Ryan, he found Austin Community Service and was able to do his community service work online!

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